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All information is verified and then updated. Ensuring proper security protection at all times.

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Residential Alarms
Home Alarm System
Instalations and 24/7
Monitoring ensure Personal
and Property Security

Business Alarms
Inteligent Services Offers
Corporate and Business
Security and System Packages                                                                                               

Welcome to Intelligent Services website!

With our comprehensive security solutions, our clients gain extensive information about their security needs. This allows our customers to make informed decisions about how to best protect vulnerabilities both personal and property, plan remedial action, optimise current infrastructure, and make
Decisions regarding expanding security products and services.

As a result, they are able to secure their assets and ensure peace of mind in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Intelligent Services is focused and committed to customer service and integrity
CCTV and Digital Storage Systems
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Security Monitoring
Home and Business Alarm
Monitoring 24/7 employing
State of the Art Software
and Hardware Solutions                                                                                               

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Access Control Solutions
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CCTV Systems
Business and Corporate
CCTV and Digital Video

Access Control
1 to 100's of Doors
large and Small Installations                                     

Security Signal Monitoring
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